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June 7th, 2013

“But the angel said to them, ”Do not be afraid….” Luke 2:10

Welcome to, a site for those who want to know more—or share more of what they already know—about angels.  Such a site should start out with that traditional Biblical angel greeting:  “Fear not!” 

For angels to open a conversation so quickly and so often with a reassurance not to give in to fear, must mean they are sometimes terrifying to behold….or at least startling enough to make us doubt our sanity.  (That, too, can be pretty frightening!)  Yet, deep inside where we sometimes whisper the truth to ourselves and even to others, we are all sometimes afraid and we both yearn for the reassurance of a Loving Supernatural Being who cares about us and dread finding ourselves in the middle of a Close Encounter with an alien being, even a heavenly one.

Angels—do we really believe in them?  Most people do. It is one of the reasons we like to share stories of angels, who may be fearsome to behold or just exactly like one of us—and are in the stories of humankind since we first told stories. They bring good news, sing great songs, keep watch over us, bring us hope and comfort and peace. They keep us safe, keep us company, come to us in the in-between world of dreams with warnings and lessons and inspiration. We often cherish angel stories because they lift us up and remind us that there is more to the story than we can yet know.

Angel Wings is a site for exploring angels.  One of the things most of us learn when we are very young is to see and hear and know something “by heart”.  As we grow up, we are encouraged to let go of the mystery and imagination that blurs the world for young children, and to “use our heads instead of our hearts”.  This process may be why Jesus said that the world of angels, the kingdom of heaven, the place where peace and love abide can only be reached by becoming like a little child.

Why might that be true?  Certainly children are often—and for good reason—afraid. That can’t be it.  Certainly children are too often without power to impact what is wrong in their lives.  So that can’t be it.  Children are the most vulnerable and the least able to protect themselves, so that can’t be it either.  And they rarely know what is “real” (as in “real” to their grown-ups) and what is imaginary (which their grown-ups too often define as “not real”).

I think that in-between place belongs to children because children are entirely connected to the power of STORY.  We humans have two things we can all count on, no matter who we are or where we come from.  The first thing is, we can easily disagree about the things we believe—which accounts for why there are more kinds of churches and shrines and synagogues and mosques, more denominations and sects, more religious quarrels both inside the great religions of the world and between them than things we try to agree about.  We tell stories to children explaining our loyalties and our hatreds, our histories  and our legends, our dreams and our fears—and sometimes we even are brave enough to tell them stories of our successes and failures (now those are very powerful stories indeed!).

The second thing is, we all become who we are and what we believe and how we live our lives because of story.  The stories we are told as children, the stories that unfold in our daily lives…for all people of all kinds and cultures, those stories shape identity, lay the foundations of our beliefs about ourselves and others, help us know what to love and who to hate.

Some people go to church for their foundation-building stories—and every church tells its stories with a little bit of difference from every other church, because churches are made up of people who are all a little bit different from each other.  Some people say they are “spiritual but not religious” and they may not ever have gone to church, or may have been wounded by a church earlier in their lives, or find God not inside a building but under a tree or in a garden or on the headlands in the sounds of the sea and the breathing of the planet in the rhythms of wind and waves.  Others find faith and hope in what is good because of the power of Love, which has shaped them both in its presence and absence and which has moved them to do more and be more than they ever thought they could.

All Spirituality blows through us to find its shape in our lives through STORY. We tell our stories, listen to others tell theirs.  We sing our stories, dance them, draw them, gather in groups to share them around a table of food in that ancient ritual of hospitality that makes of strangers friends and family.

Whatever you believe, there are probably some angel stories already in your life.  You may be skeptical, doubting, downright disbelieving….but you have heard some angel stories, and you may have your very own, already told or held closely guarded in your heart.

If you are not sure you know any angel stories, ask a child to tell you one.  Most children are glad to oblige.  Especially if they are so young that no one has told them that angels are only “imaginary friends”.

Angel Wings invites you to explore “all things angel”.  It is a safe place to explore mystery and magic, history—your own and the world’s—and spirituality, with or without being part of a church. Angel wings is a place to tell our stories.

Did you know that all the world’s religions include angel stories?  So….”Fear not….”

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  1. dolphingirl72 says:

    Reverend Wanda is such a gifted writer! I love how she knows the things in my heart, like how every religion has angel stories and that children are born KNOWING they have angels with them and are TAUGHT to forget, and puts those things in the most beautiful words! It makes me think that this knowledge of angels and of God’s love is within ALL of our hearts and when a gifted “heart reader” like Reverend Wanda gives us the right words it pulls all of our hearts closer together.

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